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Trends to watch in flame retardancy for 2024

As a new year dawns, it brings fresh perspectives to the flame retardants R&D landscape. At Gulec Chemicals, our forward-looking vision for advanced chemical engineering shapes our business and R&D strategies. Understanding future trends is empowering; it enables our clients to make informed decisions and tackle upcoming challenges.

In our laboratories, where we actively shape the future of flame-retardant science, we’ve identified key trends that will define the flame retardancy landscape in 2024. Here’s a preview of what to expect:

Tightening regulations remain a major R&D driver

Continuing the trend from previous years, the regulation of hazardous flame retardants remains a powerful R&D driver across markets. Recent regulation developments include classifying melamine as an SVHC under REACH and releasing ECHA’s “PVC and PVC Additives” report. These regulations are driving R&D to address flame retardant challenges, focusing on finding safer substitutes or developing new solutions.

Public transport market in dire need of halogen-free flame retardants

In line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the expanding public transportation market demands halogen-free flame retardant solutions. Standards like EN45545-2, which emphasize low smoke and heat release, have become crucial. Gulec Chemicals continues to lead this trend with our Gerphos FR solutions for railway applications, meeting the requirements of the most stringent standards like EN45545 for PU foam.

Rising wide adoption of High-Solid Polyurethane 

High-Solid polyurethane (HS PU) is increasingly popular in artificial leather for automotive and furniture applications. While offering excellent material qualities, HS PU also presents unique flammability challenges as a new resin substituting plasticized PVC. Its tendency to melt in vertical fire tests poses a significant challenge, requiring innovative solutions. Our GERPHOS Flame Retardants continue to provide a pioneering, halogen-free solution, ensuring HS PU leather passes rigorous fire tests like FAR25.853, EN45545-2, and BS5852 Crib5.

Melamine is out, future-proof flame retardant strategies are in

Coping with strict melamine regulations, the quest for sustainable, non-toxic flame retardants is tougher. Those who switched to melamine from organic halogens face new challenges. Hence in 2024, Gulec Chemicals will continue helping businesses create strong, future-proof flame retardant strategies for regulatory compliance, safety, and market competitiveness. We’re dedicated to guiding our partners through this shifting, regulation-heavy landscape.

GULEC’s passion for innovation remains unchallenged

As we approach the end of this year, we at Gulec Chemicals extend our deepest gratitude to our partners, clients, and colleagues for their unwavering support. Your trust has been a cornerstone in propelling the innovation boundaries of our flame retardants R&D. Looking ahead to 2024, our dedication to leading innovation and sustainability within the flame retardancy landscape remains steadfast and unchallenged.

We wish everyone a prosperous, safe, and successful new year. Here’s to a year of groundbreaking achievements and further strengthening our partnerships in the flame retardant industry!

Warm regards,

The Team at Gulec Chemicals


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